High Performance Vector Control Drive C2000 Plus

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The C2000 Series AC motor drive provides the most efficient solution for all types of drive applications. It features precise speed, torque and position control functions that are suitable for both sensor and sensorless types of synchronous and asynchronous motors. The C2000 Series is also equipped with built-in PLC functions and supports the CANopen Master/Slave extension for the ultimate in system flexibility and fast data exchange.

Advanced Drive Controls
1. High bandwidth control
2. Speed / torque / position control mode
3. Dual rating design (normal duty / heavy duty)
4. 4-quadrant torque control and limit
5. For both synchronous and asynchronous motors

Environmental Adaptability
1. 50℃ operating temperature
2. Built-in DC reactor
3. Coated circuit boards
4. Built-in EMC filter
5. International safety standard (CE/UL/cUL)

Versatile Drive Controls
1. Built-in safe stop function
2. Built-in PLC function
3. Built-in brake unit
4. Supports various network protocols
5. Position control

Modular Design
1. Hot pluggable LCD keypad
2. I/O extension cards
3. Various PG (encoder) feedback cards
4. Network cards for fieldbus modules
5. Removable fan

■ Large-inertia loads, such as centrifuge equipment, dewatering machines and roving machines
■ 4-quadrant loads including elevators, cranes and pumpjacks (oil extraction machines)
■ Quick braking, such as machine tools, bag making machines, auto storage and retrieval systems, and lathes
■ Long-term energy feedback, such as wind power, water power, steel printing and paper making machinery (winding equipment)
■ Improves power quality for industries such as semiconductor and panel industries

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