Delta Showcases Energy Saving Power, Cooling and ICT Infrastructure Solution for Cloud to Edge AI Data Centers at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024

Delta, a global leader in power management and a provider of IoT-based smart green solutions, is demonstrating its unique capabilities to enhance energy efficiency across the AI (Artificial Intelligence) realm at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024 under the theme "Discovering Delta’s Cloud to Edge AI.” The showcase features a comprehensive portfolio of smart and energy-saving Data Center Infrastructure Solutions, AI server power supplies, air and liquid cooling systems, and passive components, encompassing both cloud and edge computing. Noteworthy highlights include the ORV3-compliant 66kW and 33kW server power shelves with PSUs boasting leading efficiency up to 97.5%, and a revolutionary vertical power delivery technology to support AI accelerator operations with higher energy efficiency.

Ping Cheng, Delta’s Chairman and CEO, said, "As a global leader in switching power supplies and thermal management solutions, Delta is uniquely positioned to support the rapid rise of the AI industry. Delta’s broad spectrum of power, cooling, and ICT infrastructure solutions helps our customers design or optimize their data center power architecture, enabling superior energy and cooling efficiency throughout the entire grid-to-chip power delivery process in AI data centers, even at the server rack stage and at the board level where AI processors operate. We look forward to cooperating even further with our customers to facilitate substantial energy conservation as AI computing power expands."

Shan-Shan Guo, Delta’s Chief Brand Officer, underscored, "This year, under the theme of 'Discovering Delta’s Cloud to Edge AI,' our booth design represents a large-scale AI data center with the actual server racks. The exterior of our booth introduces a prefabricated containerized data center solution while in the interior we showcase the core of data center infrastructure. From large systems to small key components, we demonstrate Delta's power and thermal management solutions for every level of data center operations. Furthermore, by presenting applications from the cloud to the edge, visitors will have an on-site opportunity to explore the behind-the-scenes of AI computing."

AI Power Supply, Thermal Management, and Passive Components

Ted Shyy, EVP of Delta's Power Electronics Business, stated, "By integrating leading-edge technologies in power supply, thermal management, and passive components, Delta can meet the high capability demands for power and heat dissipation from AI servers and chips. For example, Delta’s visionary chip vertical power supply technology showcased at this event helps to save approximately 5-15% of power losses in the operations of AI accelerator systems (compared to traditional lateral power delivery). Delta is also debuting liquid cooling cold plate modules designed for the next generation of AI server GPU/CPU, when integrated together with Delta's high-performance cooling fans and in-rack coolant distribution unit (CDU), demonstrating our relentless technological innovation."

For AC/DC power supplies in server racks, Delta exhibits ORV3 (Open Rack v3)-compliant rack-mounted power shelves. These include the new 66kW and 33kW power shelves featuring power supply units (PSU) with energy efficiency as high as 97.5%, making them the mainstream for the next generation AI servers. To meet the DC/DC power conversion requirements of AI chips, Delta is showcasing a portfolio of DC/DC converters with output power ranging from 200W to 2,000W, with maximum efficiency up to 98.5%. These include the widely used 48V to 12V DC/DC converters for AI computing equipment. Delta also offers high-density power chokes that incorporate patented designs and materials to offer excellent saturation current and low power loss, thus ideal for voltage conversion in the support of AI accelerators.
Data Center Infrastructure

Richard Chan, General Manager of Delta's Data Center Segment Business Unit, said, " In the face of the rapidly growing demand for data centers, Delta possesses deep expertise and experience in data center power architecture planning. By integrating its complete ICT product and solutions portfolio, Delta is able to create highly efficient and flexible infrastructure that supplies power from medium voltage to servers, helping customers save operating costs and time effectively."

Delta's ICT Infrastructure Solutions displayed at COMPUTEX 2024 include Prefabricated Power Train Units (PTU), which can provide more than 1.7 MW of power in a 40ft container. Also showcased is the All-in-One Prefabricated Containerized Data Center Solution, which has already been implemented in more than 200 projects worldwide, integrates the infrastructure and IT equipment of data centers into containers to meet the rapid deployment and high scalability requirements of customers. In terms of thermal management, Delta is not only presenting energy-saving EC- technology High Power Air Movers for data centers, but is also demonstrating Air-Assisted Liquid Cooling (AALC) solutions to upgrade existing air-cooled data centers. In addition, Delta’s Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) liquid cooling solutions are capable of handling dozens of high-density racks exceeding 100kW to cope with the large amount of heat generated by AI computing. Lastly, Delta is exhibiting a new iDCIM solution that combines 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to facilitate one-stop effective management for data centers and buildings.

Edge AI and AI Applications

Delta also showcases advanced power supplies and ultra-thin heat dissipation module solutions for AI PCs and the AI-powered Cloud Surveillance Solution VORTEX. As for AI applications, Delta showcases an autonomous mobile robot with intelligent navigation capabilities that provides home delivery services in elevator buildings and an Enterprise Knowledge Q&A Chatbot that incorporates large language models.

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024 will be held from June 4th to June 7th. Welcome to visit Delta's M0320 booth at Hall 1, 4F, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.
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