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As a leading industrial automation manufacturer, we offer efficient and reliable products and solutions to serve global customers. With the integration of Drives, Controllers, Sensors, Communication Devices and Software, we cooperate with machine makers in various applications such as food & beverage manufacturing, textiles, cranes and elevators, plastics and rubber, printing and packaging, machine tools, as well as electronics. We also provide energy-saving solutionsdrive systemsfacility management control systemsvisualization and surveillance solutionsrobot stationspower quality solutions and factory automation for the electronics and high tech, oil and gas, chemicals, metallurgy, transportation and municipal construction sectors.

Factory Automation Solutions:
Factory Automation Solutions
Today, automation product development and technological advancement have solved many problems for systems developers in the factory automation market. Plants, peripheral equipment and communication devices all require the latest cutting-edge technologies and solutions in order to help customers in a variety of critical missions in all kinds of environments and to meet customers’ strict requirements for reliability.
Delta Electronics has devoted itself to the factory automation industry for years and has a strong sense of mission in this area. Through its research and development arm, Delta has a complete automation product line including powerful AC Motor Drives, AC Servo Drives, Programming Logic Controllers, Human Machine Interfaces , Machine Vision Systems, Temperature Controllers and More. In Addition, Delta Provides complete and reliable solutions such as energy-saving systems for elevators, air conditioners, lighting, air compressors and power quality improvement to significantly reduce energy consumption for customers, increase overall plant energy efficiency and capacity, and provide energy management and production line visualization management interfaces to help customers succeed in a highly competitive marketplace.

Machine Automation Solutions:
Machine Automation Solutions

With progress in automation technology, enterprises are replacing labor-intensive manual operations with mechanical automation control systems in the production process to improve productivity and yield rates. Today, the economic benefits and technological developments that machine automation brings have become key factors for creating corporate value and enhancing industrial competitiveness.

For mechanical automation applications, Delta Industrial Automation demonstrates its many years of professional R&D technology and manufacturing experience in industrial automation control machinery and electronics to provide high efficiency, high precision and high reliability products, systems and solutions in areas such as packaging, machine tools, textiles, elevators, lifting and cranes, rubber and plastics, as well as electronics. With strong R&D capability, advanced technical support and real-time global service, the mechanical automation solutions that Delta Industrial Automation offers help customers enhance production speed and efficiency, improve product precision and quality, decrease labor and production costs, save on materials consumption, reduce equipment wear and tear, and enhance competitiveness.

Process Automation Solutions:
Process Automation Solutions
Process automation today is mainly applied to the chemical, metallurgy, water treatment and oil refining industries. Automation systems are used to manage complicated processing procedures for more efficient operations. Distribution control and system stability are two crucial factors in processing as each stage of the operating process directly affects the results of the output. Relying on manpower to manage each process separately lowers operating efficiency and increases safety concern, which is why process automation is the best solution for process control applications.

Delta Industrial Automation is devoted to automation and control technology and provides highly efficient and reliable products including programmable controllers, AC motor drives, AC servo drives, human machine interfaces, temperature controllers and many more. In recent years, Delta has also launched a mid-range programmable controller with high-speed configuration capability and high stability with a combination of modularized hardware structure, advanced functions and highly integrated software for control process applications. In addition, various function blocks, an abundant selection of extension modules and a variety of industrial network modules facilitate the connection with different industrial network systems to accurately monitor every stage of the process. This achieves efficient and safe operation, stability and seamless connection production to satisfy industry applications in different areas.


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