Delta Drive System for Motion Control Solutions

This drive system provides high-speed multi-axis automation with excellent heavy load capability. It adopts advanced technologies and high performance servo motors to optimize motor control and enhance system stability. Supporting EtherCAT, it also enables a variety of motion control modes.

With industry-specific functions and quick parameter configuration, this drive system effectively shortens the time for equipment development. Applicable industries include metal forming, material handling, pulp and paper, printing, packaging and entertainment. When combined with Delta's motion controllers, HMIs and programming software, this drive system provides seamless integration, quick configuration and high compatibility.

Industry Application
Delta Drive System for Motion Control Solutions can be applied to a variety of industries and equipment, including metal forming, material handling, pulp and paper, printing, packaging, and entertainment.

1. Metal Forming
The solution enhances system stability, processing quality and efficiency. Application includes:
• Servo press
• Punching machines
• Pipe bending machines
• Metal cutting
• Servo bending machines

2. Material Handling
The solution satisfies the rigorous demands for material handling equipment with outstanding efficiency. Application includes:
• Automated warehousing
• Stackers

3. Paper and Printing
Equipment for printing and papermaking requires high efficiency and precision. Delta provides industry-specific functional blocks to enhance work quality. Application includes:
• Corrugated paper cutting
• Printing machines

4. Entertainment
The solution fulfills the strict standards of stage lifts and lighting control, such as high machine stability & safety, and low noise levels. Application includes: • Stage lifts for theaters and concerts

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