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As manufacturing industries upgrade to smart and digitized production, the packaging and printing industries, which are closely related to consumer products, have also advanced with highly efficient and accurate production processes. Efficient and automated equipment is required as a substitute for conventional systems for high yield rates.

Delta has long been devoted to industrial control and has complete automated production lines for hardware and software products to deliver highly integrated packaging / printing solutions. Delta also provides a variety of motion controllers and solutions supporting the CODESYS platform, CANopen, EtherCAT and more to meet the needs of diverse applications and help customers build smart processing equipment with high efficiency, high flexibility, and high competitiveness.

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With extensive experience in printing, Delta has developed a number of multi-axis PLC motion controllers in recent years to meet the mainstream requirements of printing equipment. Delta integrates the PLC-based Multi-axis Motion Controller DVP-15MC Series with servo drive systems and a human machine interface (HMI) to control and drive the printing processes and operation via CANopen communication. Simple communication wiring facilitates fast setup of hardware and machine-to-machine communication.

The DVP-15MC Series supports PLCopen commands to help users get started quickly. It also features electronic cams (E-CAM), multi-axis motion control and rotary cutting, and achieves accurate and reliable performance, fast response and high efficiency.

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Many packaging manufacturers are currently facing serious challenges, such as labor shortages and increasing labor costs. Fully automated packaging equipment can help solve these problems and provide stable and high quality.

Delta integrates automation products such as controllers, servo drive systems, motion control, and servo motors to provide advanced packaging solutions for high-speed operation and monitoring, accurate positioning, and stable performance. The servo drive systems feature high response, accurate motion compensation, and brilliant synchronous production line tracking. Servo motors can shorten acceleration / deceleration time for mechanical damage and maintenance cost reduction. The integrated equipment and systems communicate via CANopen to achieve precise calculation and processing for higher efficiency, better quality, and higher yield rates.

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