Delta Sensorless Vector Control Compact Drive VFD-EL Series

Delta Sensorless Vector Control Compact Drive VFD-EL Series

Standard Modbus Protocol
Standard Modbus protocol via RS-485 

Built-in EMC Filter
(230V single-phase and 460V 3-phase)
The built-in EMC filter reduces electromagnetic interference and complies with the EN61800-3 standard

Compact Design
Space saving and easy DIN rail mounting with optional DIN rail adapter (Built-in for Frame B)

Optional Fieldbus Modules
Provide connection to a variety of networks, including PROFIBUS, DeviceNet and CANopen

RFI Switch for IT Mains
Removable "Y" capacitor to use with IT mains supplies

DC Bus Sharing
Multiple VFD-EL can be connected in parallel to share the regenerative braking energy. This prevents over-voltage and stabilizes DC bus voltage.

Complete Protection Functions
High precision current detection, full overload protection (oL, oL1 and oL2), overvoltage/ overcurrent stall prevention, short-circuit protection, reset after fault, speed search function and motor overheat protection by PTC

Power Range
Single-phase 115V series: 0.2~0.75kW (0.25~1hp)
Single-phase 230V series: 0.2~2.2kW (0.25~3hp)
3-phase 230V series: 0.2~3.7kW (0.25~5hp)
3-phase 460V series: 0.4~3.7kW (0.50~5hp) 

Side-by-side Installation (40 degree Celsius)
High-efficiency cooling and flexible spacing

Easy Maintenance
Removable cooling fan for easy maintenance

Conveyor Belts
1. Multi-step speed application: provides multi-step speed settings to meet the needs of a conveyor belt
2. Side-by-side installation to save space
3. DC bus sharing: connects multiple drives in parallel to share the regenerative energy and prevent overvoltage

Auto acceleration/deceleration function provides rapid start/stop of operation and increases productivity and efficiency

Constant Pressure Control of Water Pumps
1. Built-in smart PID controller saves the cost of a specified external PID meter
2. Built-in auto detection of water suspension and auto power-on saves the cost of external PLC controller and relay
3. A wide range of input voltages are available, including single-phase 110V/230V and 3-phase 230V/460V, for various pump applications and different countries

External Parts:

VFD-EL Multifunction AC Micro Drives - Delta | Mouser

Application Fields
Conveyor and Transportation Machinery
● Conveyor belt
Automatic door
Roller door
Small elevator
X,Y-axis traveling crane

Fan/Pump Equipment
● Building air conditioning system
● Wastewater processing system
● Constant pressure water treatment system
● Water treatment pump
● Agricultural pump
● Temperature control of mid and larger oven
● Air compressor
● Heat exchange fan
● Building water dispenser system
● Dryer's windmill

Paper/Textile Machinery
● Round weaver
● Cross weaver
● Ribbon weaver
● Printing press
● Industrial sewing machine
● Knitting machine

Food Processing
● Dumpling making machine
● Food mixer
● Noodle making machine

Wood Working Machinery
● 4 side planer
● Wood carving machine
● Woodworking machine
● Simple cutting machine for wood working
● Spraying machine

Machine Tool/Metal Processing Machinery
● Grinding machine
● Drilling machine
● Small lathe
● Milling machine
● Injection molding (clamp)

● Ironing machine
● Pulverizer
● Treadmill
● Feeder
● Industrial washing machine
● Car washing machine
● Packing machine
● Centrifuge
● Liquid mixing machine

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