Automation Solution in Packaging Industry

In a global economy, Packaging Machine builders face complex demands like sustainability, reducing capital equipment costs, increasing Operational equipment effectiveness and competing with competition in cost.

Delta Industrial Automation provides complete solutions for machine automation with the performance, flexibility and simplicity needed to meet these complex challenges of Packaging machinery OEMs and end users.

Unique parameterized motion control functions built into the A2 Series Drive takes advantage of distributed control technology to quickly solve common applications found in Stand-Alone Packaging Machinery. The synchronous pass-through feature produces fast dynamic correction capability for achieving precise positioning in eCAM & eGEAR implementations. As a result, motion is more smoothly controlled, damage to mechanical structures and maintenance costs are minimized, downtime due to material deformation is greatly decreased, and productivity is increased.

Delta's C2000 & MH300/MS300 AC Drives as well as the HMI Products each come complete with a fully programmable internal PLC also suitable for stand-alone machinery. When higher levels of coordinated system control and flexibility are required, Delta’s wide range of modular controllers including the compact DVP Slim series and the rack-based  PLC Models extend the scalability suitable for Advanced Industrial Machinery requiring centralized control architectures.
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